A Plus Writter

Develop a marketing plan for the successful development, commerialization and introduction of any product of your choice in the market place. You are required to 1. analyze the general business situation in detail, including organizational strengths and weakness, environmental oppertunites and threats, industry trends, and direct competition. Based upon your sitaution analysis you will 2. develop an organizational mission and forecast performance goals. Based upon your objectives, you will 3. create a marketing strategy. Based upon your strategy you will (A), segment and target potential customers. Buased upon your customers targets you will ( B) choose an appropriate and integreted marketing mix, including : products and services, pricing, promotion, and advertising , distribution and location, and other elements of the marketing program- the summary and specific recommendations for the execution of the plan.


References 4 from the Ashford University Librarye

Must adress the topic of te paper with critical thought