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Nursing Case Study – nursingsavvywriters.com

Nursing Case Study Get Nursing Assignment Help    History A fully functional, independent woman who is nearly 100 years old and lives with her 2 daughters. She has a Glasgow coma scale (GCS) of 15. A history finds that she has: Hypertension Coronary artery disease Congestive heart failure Cataracts Hearing impairments Knee osteoarthritis IDDM Her […]

Topic: Pregnancy and addiction – nursingsavvywriters.com

Topic: Pregnancy and addiction Get Nursing Assignment Help Address the following: Describe the approved topic and associated population your group has selected. Discuss how this topic adversely affects the population. How does health disparity affect this population. Outline a proposal for health education that can be used in a family-centered health promotion to address the […]

6053 Discussion 8 – nursingsavvywriters.com

6053 Discussion 8 Get Nursing Assignment Help    This week’s Learning Resources classify management and leadership (which are often confused in everyday discussion) and explain their significance for health care organizations. As you advance professionally, it is critical to understand the distinctions between management and leadership and how you can apply this knowledge for increasing […]

PATHO WEEK 9 – nursingsavvywriters.com

PATHO WEEK 9 Get Nursing Assignment Help ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS  Neurological System Case Study – #1 Mrs. Smith is an 85 year female with a history of Hypertension, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Her daughter who cares for her reports that she became suddenly confused beginning last night. She recognizes her daughter but has been unable to […]

Top survey – nursingsavvywriters.com

Top survey Get Nursing Assignment Help  A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population should be noted. This data provides background and context for working with individuals and families in their community.  Information […]

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Watch Video, Answer questions: Get Nursing Assignment Help Please have a complete and concise answers to all 3 questions: As a registered nurse, you have gathered many health histories throughout your career. The health history is the story that unfolds with the patient’s genetic history, health practices, nutrition and exercise routine, social and family relationships, […]

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prove in turnitin , apa formart Get Nursing Assignment Help   Chapter 24 – Shamans.  Chapter 25 – Faith and Prayer.  Question(s):  Do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person? Explain why? What is the importance of your faith in your daily life?  Guidelines: The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading […]

DQ – nursingsavvywriters.com

DQ Get Nursing Assignment Help Mr. C., a 32-year-old single man, is seeking information at the outpatient center regarding possible bariatric surgery for his obesity. He reports that he has always been heavy, even as a small child, but he has gained about 100 pounds in the last 2–3 years. Previous medical evaluations have not […]

Assignment: Academic Success And Professional Development Plan Part 3: Strategies To Promote Academic Integrity And Professional Ethics – nursingsavvywriters.com

Assignment: Academic Success And Professional Development Plan Part 3: Strategies To Promote Academic Integrity And Professional Ethics Get Nursing Assignment Help   The Assignment: Part 3, Section 1: Writing Sample: The Connection Between Academic and Professional Integrity Using the Academic and Professional Success Development Template you began in Week 1 and continued working on in […]

Module 10 Written Assignment – Web Scavenger Hunt – nursingsavvywriters.com

Module 10 Written Assignment – Web Scavenger Hunt Get Nursing Assignment Help Module 10 Written Assignment – Web Scavenger Hunt Points/Grading Rubric:   Criteria Points Identifies goal selected from NPSG (Joint Commission Website) 2 Lists three methods identified to meet NPSGs 3 Select and discuss impression of “Speak” video 5 Address whether the “Speak Up” […]