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Demonstrate 1 page double space

·       Problem

In Jeddah city there was a flood in 2009. Peoples’ houses were effected by the flood, some people died in this tragic event.

Provide more thoughts.  

·       Solution

My solution is to evacuate that area because there are living on a vale. After evacuating those people we can build a dam.

Provide more thoughts, as well as pictures for both generators. 

Analyze1/2 page double space

(State here other alternative solution that I should have gone with, but since they are not as efficient as my solution, I decided not to take them in consideration)

Evaluation 1/2 page double space

Do Swot Analysis and evaluate my solution

For example:

Strength: We will save people lives.

Weakness: After when we evacuate them, the apartment they will go to is not as big as their houses.

Opportunity: the compounds that the government provides for Saudi families can be used for the effected people benefits in terms of renting them after fixing the problem to give them money.

Threats: some of the affected families may refuse the solution and prefer to stay in their houses.  

Learn 1 page double space

Write about when I used problem and solution skills. How creative my solution was. Also write about how my analysis skills helped me through this project.