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Evidence-based practice is essential to providing safe, quality care to a diverse population in the acute care setting as well as in the community. Understanding the health care system at the local level is essential to consider when planning the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) because it helps those implementing changes understand and execute the move in an area of greatest need. Franklin and Hopson (2007) write that implementing evidence-based practice change in the community setting is challenging. Interventions that work in research or acute care setting are often very challenging to implement locally in the community setting due to the struggle with “building partnerships between clinical practitioners and researchers” (Franklin & Hopson, 2007, p. 379). Maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of interventions once moved to the community setting is difficult thus careful attention to the specific needs of the local community health care system is imperative (Franklin & Hopson, 2007).

Information from my course mentor that I will consider for my project is to ensure that I am following the hospital’s shared governance model to allow other nurses on the unit to have a voice in the project change (T. Brock, personal communication, August 20, 2019). The hospital where I am implementing my project change is a Magnet culture and uses a shared governance model when considering implementation of evidence-based practice change. My practice change does not only affect me, so it is imperative to share accountability and partnership with my unit manager, peers, and unit-based council members when implementing a project change on the unit for effective outcomes (T. Brock, personal communication, August 20, 2019).


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