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Lab Report Format**Must be typed using normal 1” margins, in TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12-point font, and double-spaced. There is a minimum of 4 pages and it isNOT INCLUSIVEof tables or figures. Grammar and clarity of lab report is important. The following sections must be included in your lab report and properly labeled:AbstractA brief summary (~1-2 sentences each) of your introduction, methods, results and discussion.IntroductionYou begin by providing background information relevant to understanding the experimental objectives. You will state the question(s) you are addressing and add your hypotheses for each objective. All statements from lab manuals and any outside sourcesMUST BE PROPERLY CITED. Do not use random websites as source material.MethodsYou will thoroughly write all the methods you used to test your hypotheses. Write in full sentences and in paragraph form.ResultsYou will report your findings here. If you have several findings, then break it down into several parts so that you can clearly state your results. Add figures and/or tables here and be sure to properly number each figure and/or table.DiscussionYou will discuss why your results are the way they are, and whether your hypotheses were correct or not. You may also include outside literature to add further evidence to your reasoning. All statements from textbooks, lab manuals, and any outside sourcesMUST BE PROPERLY CITED.ReferencesAny information that you gather from other sources need to be cited and compiled in a reference list. (Example: APA style or MLA style)PLEASE SEE BOTH ATTACHED DOCS TO HELP WITH THE LAB REPORT

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