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PAPERTOPICS & INFORMATION (SUBJECT TO CHANGE! MAYBE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER)2Safety/Cost/Environment Related Case-Using the library, internet, professional journals, newspaper archives, and other sources of current information, research a topic from the handout (linked below). Look at the topic from all anglesand then respond tothe situation as instructed in the assignment handout. (For your reference, here is MLA Citation Examples written by Purdue  →–One purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in assessing a situation that requires ethical decision-making without being hand-fed any scientific or case study information. Many times, you will be in the situation where you will need to find information yourself and decide not only what is relevant, but what the right decision may be relative to that situation. The second purpose is to show how the perception of risk affects ethical decision making when it comes to either low risk or high-risksituations and the public good.Topic–The impact on human safety, the environment, health, and/or public welfare for some current issues that could result in legislation or collective bargaining agreements. The topics you may choose from are:1.Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station –safety violations2.Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park –Movement to replace the reservoir and return the area to its natural state3.The collapse ofSt. Francis Dam 4.Firearm mechanical safety devices installed by the manufacturer (such as squeeze (grip) safety, internal safety that prevents firing a chambered round while the magazine is removed, a loaded-chamber indicator, etc.-not the use of external locking devices)  5.Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster –Was this the Challenger all over again? Or something else?6.Capital Punishment–Recent issues regarding the injections used for administering capital punishment. A loophole or a real constitutional concern?7.Working in the Defense industry–Issues related to working for a company that produces weapons. What about producing defensive weapons vs. offensive weapons? 8.Why don’t we learn?Lake Peigneur and Lumpur Lapindo Mud Lake, Indonesia9.Did we learn from the past?  Japanese Nuclear crisis vs. Chernobyl –similarities and oversights.10.News media accountability.Should they be prosecuted for misleading/panicking public into dangerous actions?  Specific Requirements:Page 1: Research and Findings–Research the risks or issues associated with one of the topics above using whatever sources you have access to.  Keep in mind that just because a source of information exists (e.g., Wikipedia, a blog or website) it may not be reliable or relevant.For example, if there is scientific research presented, how appropriate was the experimental approach, analysis, and conclusions. Was the research peer reviewed?  Then,summarize your findings and conclusions regarding any of the following that may apply:1.The opposing positions relative to your chosen topic2.Safety issues3.Costs (could be cost to the individual, a manufacturer, the public, or any combination). If increased funding or cost is required, where should the funds come from?4.Risks (and for whom)5.Rights, duties, or standards that may apply..Reliability, accuracy, and/or bias of information found. Feel free to commenton the relationship of Chapter 4 concepts to the situation.Page 2 -Analysis-Explain which side you favorin your topic and what your reasoningis based on your analysisof the information and applying principles of the course. Caution:  Often so muchtime is spent looking at the available information, that the second part of the paper becomes an afterthought with little analysis.Avoid simply pontificating and stating nice-sounding generalities–this is a common problem on these papers!!! Defend youropinion with proof, information, or examples presented in a logical fashion.NOTE:  THIS IS A 2-PAGE PAPER … NOT A TWO 1-PAGE PAPER!This means your paper should be interconnected.

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