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Biology | Humans and the Ecosystem

How does energy flow through an ecosystem? What is a producer, a consumer (primary and secondary) and a decomposer?How  is the human body similar to an ecosystem? Provide a description of two  ways in which the human body is similar to an ecosystem.Select  two of the organ systems in the human body and describe their function.  What role(s) do they play in maintaining the environment of the human  body?Humans  are consumers in the ecosystem. As part of our evolution, we have  developed and urbanized many parts of the world affecting the habitat of  other species. Select a city or town in the United States that has  become urbanized and postulate or provide a supported example of how  another species have adapted to the urban environment.Do you think that humans have a responsibility to protect the habitats of other species? What efforts do you recommend?APA formatting, at least 250 words, at least two references

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