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Biology | must be original/ no plagiarism /scholarly resources /apa format

InstructionsReading scientific literature is important in professional development for anyone in the medical field. However, reading research articles and scientific articles can be challenging. This activity will reinforce your understanding of microbiology, as well as teach you how to read, comprehend, and apply concepts useful for microbiology.ActivityRead the following articles:”Vaccine Safety” (Links to an external site.)Citation: Vaccines.Gov (n.d.) Vaccine safety.”Autism and Vaccines” (Links to an external site.)Citation: CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (n.d.) Autism and vaccines.”No MMR Vaccine-Autism Link in Large Study” (Links to an external site.)Citation:Autism Speaks (2-15, April 21). No MMR vaccine-autism link in large study. the following questions in 1–2 double-spaced pages following APA (7th ed.) format.Based on these articles, do you agree that vaccines are safe? Why or why not?How is the safety of vaccines tested?What led researchers to conclude the MMR vaccine does not cause autism?As a nurse, how would you use this information to educate your patients about the safety of vaccines?

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