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15.00 points

Problem 16-10

The times required to complete each of eight jobs in a two-machine flow shop are shown in the table that follows. Each job must follow the same sequence, beginning with machine A and moving to machine B.



TIME (hours)

Job Machine A Machine B
a 16         5        
b 3         13        
c 9         6        
d 8         7        
e 2         14        
f 12         4        
g 18         14        
h 20         11        


a. Determine a sequence that will minimize makespan time.


  The sequence is .


b. Find machine B’s idle time.


  Idle time .


b. Determine idle time of center 2, assuming no other activities are involved.


  Idle time















15.00 points

Problem 16-14

The production manager must determine the processing sequence for seven jobs through the grinding and deburring departments. The same sequence will be followed in both departments. The manager’s goal is to move the jobs through the two departments as quickly as possible. The foreman of the deburring department wants the Shortest processing time rule to be used to minimize the work-in-process inventory in his department.




Job Grinding Deburring
A 3         6        
B 2         4        
C 1         5        
D 4         3        
E 9         4        
F 8         7        
G 6         2        



Prepare a schedule using Shortest processing time for the grinding department.


  The sequence is .



What is the flow time in the grinding department for the Shortest processing time sequence?


  Grinding flow time   .  


c-2. What flow time will result for the grinding department?


  Grinding flow time
  Sequence for Shortest processing time  
  Sequence for Earliest due date  
  Sequence for Critical ratio  



For each method, find the average job flow time and the average job tardiness. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)


  First Come, First Served Shortest Processing Time   Earliest Due Date    Critical Ratio
  Average flow time .



What will be the average job tardiness? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)


  Average job tardiness  new average job tardiness is [removed] minutes.


[removed] minutes