Repost – Professional Communication

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choosing Negotiation Techniques

The U.S. State Department gives its employees many helpful tips for negotiating an industry-standard salary. In this assessment, read and analyze those tips and then demonstrate that you can use one or more of them in a scenario of your own creation.

Write a paper with a length of 800 words minimum that meets the following guidelines:

Choose at least two of the techniques described in the U.S. State Department article “Negotiating a Salary Package” and describe them in your own words.

Write a 250-word scenario that shows how you would use two or more of these techniques to negotiate an industry-standard salary for a job for which you might likely interview. The scenario should:

Be creative

Set the scene

Describe how you would approach the employer

Show how you would use these salary negotiation techniques to get what you want

Include an APA title page as well as spell check and proofread your work.