Response Questions

Write 3-4 paragraphs (essay format) responses:

1.     Based on everything you’ve learned about Frederick Douglass, what would you say were the hardest situations he had to deal with and why?

2.    According to Douglass, what were some of the effects of slavery upon the enslaved? Upon the slaveholders?  How does Douglass help readers understand the horrors of American slavery (please provide detailed examples)?


Short answer responses:

Why does Douglass have no knowledge of his birth date?

4.     Douglass father was probably:

5.     What event does Douglass connect with his introduction to the horrors of slavery

6.     Why does Sophia Auld transform her feelings and attitude toward Douglass?

7.     Why is Douglass grateful that Mr. Auld orders his reading lessons to stop?

8.     Why does Douglass believe that city slaveholders are usually less cruel that rural slaveholders?

9.     What are some of Douglass’s sources for learning how to read and write?

10.What does Douglass gain from The Columbian Orator?

11.What service does Douglass offer his fellow slaves at William Freeland’s.

12.Who helps Douglass in New York City?

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