Three ass for Service and Community


Using the Online Catalogue

Access the online catalogue at Kent Library and review an article from a professional journal on service learning. Post your review to Forum.

Please summarize the article, discuss the meanings presented in the article, evaluate its usefulness for informing the reader about service learning, discuss your reaction to it, and include the citation (author, title, publication, date and pages). Thanks. Dr. S

The grading criteria is as follows:

Summary of Article—5 points
Discussion of Article–7 points
Your reaction to the Article–10 points
Value of the article–5 points
Writing Competency–3 points


2.Search the internet for service learning sites. Review and critique one site in Dropbox.

The grading criteria will be the completeness of your response in terms of evaluating the usefullness of the site; discussing its resources; and the ease of navigation.


3.the third one is in the dos. Please read the Course Perspective and write an Course Perspective Forum.