Unit 1 Problem

I have attached the workbook to complete the work in and you have to do is go to Tab 1 that is labeled for Unit 1 and do it there. You must show all the work on how you arrived to the right answer. I have also attached each question for reference.


This assignment helps you develop the skills to master the following course competencies:

  • Apply the theories, models, and practices of finance to the financial management of the firm.
  • Integrate financial analyses into general business management planning and decision making.

To review how all your activities help you achieve the competencies in the course, and ultimately, your overall program outcomes, revisit the MBA6016 Course Alignment Map.

Activity Instruction

To enhance your understanding of financial concepts, please complete the following problems in your Corporate Finance textbook:

  • Chapter 2, problem 1 (page 34).
  • Chapter 2, problem 2 (page 34).
  • Chapter 2, problem 4 (page 34).
  • Chapter 2, problem 5 (page 34).
  • Chapter 3, problem 2 (page 74).
  • Chapter 3, problem 6 (page 75).

Assignment Submission

You are required to use the textbook problems template in the Resources to complete the problems. This Excel document contains unique details and cells specific to the problems that you must use to derive your solutions. Where numeric solutions are expected, provide full detail of the process used to reach the solution using Excel. Where analysis is expected, use information from the textbook to inform your analysis, not replace it, incorporating creativity, critical thinking, and real-life perspectives. Cite all resource materials used in your analysis, using proper APA format.